M any spiritual teachers emphasize the importance of being in “The Now”, but students report that this is very difficult, if not impossible, to do. As many have ruefully discovered, using ‘will power’ is not enough. Something more is needed. “The Now” moment cannot be forced, as that merely results in counterforce or ‘inner resistance’. For states of Presence to occur, they must be brought about by a more gentle and natural means. This is the purpose behind a consistent, incremental, daily program such as PowerLetters. Living in “The Now” comes about spontaneously and automatically once the inner blocks to it are removed.
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Testimony of the Presence


Modern man does not lack spiritual information, however, he does lack a comprehension of that information, as well as the understanding of how to integrate spirituality into his daily routine.

The most advanced spiritual texts known to man (such as the Bible, A Course in Miracles, the Koran, or the Baghavad Gita) can often seem complex, confusing, ‘spooky’, or hyper-religious, and are frequently misunderstood. Moreover, teachers of enlightenment can be vague, cryptic, and speak in paradoxes or in foreign languages. The teachings themselves are often thousands of years old and somehow don’t seem to be applicable in modern times.

The purpose of this eCourse is to help the reader to understand pure Spiritual Truth and learn how it can be usefully applied to “Spiritualize Your Daily Life.” The program shares how to relieve suffering by identifying the ego’s (often unconscious) patterns, followed by how to ‘surrender’ them in ways that are often quite simple. As the ‘ego’ becomes weaker and weaker, an enormously powerful and exquisite Presence is progressively experienced… and reveals itself to be one’s true nature.


This PowerLetters eCourse and accompanying eBook, Testimony of the Presence draws its wisdom from many of the core, practical, and immediately-applicable teachings of the trusted, time-honored pathways such as the Teachings of Jesus Christ, Zen Buddhism, the various Yoga’s, and Advaita (non-duality). It presents the information to the reader in ways that are easily understood and put into practice. The spiritual path quickly becomes self-sustaining, self-rewarding, and actually very pleasurable! Along with each daily lesson, there is a hint of motivation or a ‘gentle nudge’ to encourage the reader to remain focused, poised, and disciplined.


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