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W hile striving for many years toward the perfection of relationships and even the Gates of Enlightenment, Stephane Hemon's work over the last few years has touched the lives of thousands of people.


We've captured some of his very best teachings, quotes, stories, jokes, metaphors, analogies, and wisdom in areas ranging from pickup & dating, to relationships and marriage, Unconditional Love, tips for the spiritual discernment of how to tell integrous versus nonintegrous people apart, as well as leading a successful life and even the progressive transcendence of the ego/mind.

ideaGasms ebook Additionally, a unique 78 page e-book titled, The Ego is Contained Within Divinity, is also included. It is of a transcribed teacher-student dialogue which Stephane considers to be one of the most spiritually potent dialogues he's ever recorded. Many healing re-contextualizations were carefully delivered, along with deliberate, consciousness-expanding sentence structures the reader can use as a powerful 'spiritual scalpel' that can result in a major shift in the way one sees and experiences life.

The powerful tools are deceptively simple and so easy to use that bliss states may result just by reading them. Watch your ego squirm as your spirit soars to new heights of awareness...


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