Stephane Hemon's condition, termed "Enlightenment", is experienced by his wife Greta as well; rarely, if ever, has a married couple reached the state of Enlightenment together. Thus, as ideaGasms' teachers, they are able to offer students absolutely pristine coaching on love, and in life.

S tephane Hemon is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who specializes in Spiritual Discernment, and is well-known for the nonpareil wisdom he brings to the 'domains' of dating and relationships. The value he offers to students is unique in that he speaks primarily from the nonlinear, contextual 'viewpoint' of Spiritual Vision rather than from a fixed point of perception or 'ego/self'.

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This condition, termed "Enlightenment", is experienced by his wife Greta as well; rarely, if ever, has a married couple reached the state of Enlightenment together. Thus, they are able to offer students absolutely pristine coaching on love, and in life.

The universal traits of the mystic are: Congruence; jovial sense of humor; mercifulness; a high-energy, unflagging drive to assist in the relief of human suffering, and intense merriment that is often expressed by a marked animation of countenance.


A Unique Invitation to Consciousness Researchers

Stephane Hemon’s subjective state and concordant brain-and-body condition is unique, extremely rare, and can be investigated scientifically to further validate spiritual reality and contribute to the advancement of scientific and subjective awareness.

Phenomena of interest to science, spirituality, religion, and consciousness research which are unique to the mystic include: lack of startle reflex; extraordinary concentration or 'one-pointedness of mind'; capacity for a persistent positive attitude under conditions of extreme adversity; EEG frequency slowed to Theta range; low epinephrine, cortisol, etc., due to sublime levels of 'bliss' (serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, et al.); exalted self-healing (deemed 'miraculous' to the ordinary observer); addiction not possible; 'no mind' (absence of thoughts/mentalization and emotionality due to 'etheric' brain/body dominance); persistent psychic phenomena, including distant viewing, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, extrasensory perception, psychometry, et al. (these arise spontaneously and are beyond personal volition); extremely high levels of energy; etcetera.

These subjective experiences are sourced by the radiance of the Presence of the nonlinear field of consciousness as Self. As such, the enlightened state and its concordant 'symptoms' are continuous, beyond volition, and impersonal. Bliss states frequently reach intensities that can preclude ordinary activity. Various aches and pains are also common, as the human brain and nervous system seems to lack the capacity to handle advanced energy levels.

Professionals, such as psychiatrists, religious and spiritual leaders, documentary filmmakers, or consciousness researchers who are interested in investigating the Enlightened state — who also have access to appropriate resources (e.g., medical technologies such as neuro-imaging) — are encouraged to contact us about coordinating potential projects.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions


It's a humorous name that merges the word "idea" with "orgasm" to illustrate the power of integrous ideas, truth, information, and teachings to facilitate peace of mind, endorphins, and Self-Realization.


Spirituality is a general orientation, devotional attitude, and alignment with truth, love, power, virtue, and selflessness. Spiritual Truth, Reality, God, or 'Consciousness' (here used interchangeably) is the source of all love, without which human relationships cannot be sustained. Terms such as 'womanizing' and 'pickup' tend to be frowned upon, as these are often associated with seduction, manipulation, or exploitation. To help counterbalance this, one sanctifies these domains by infusing them with the power of spiritual truth, universal love, and practical wisdom.


ideaGasms is aligned with spiritual reality, but not with religiosity. Spirituality is often confused with religion, thus, perhaps a clarification of terms is in order:

Spiritual Reality is the nonlinear source and substrate of all of life, and is not different from the infinite field of consciousness itself. A religion is an institutionalized system grounded in the belief and worship of Spiritual Reality, as represented by the religions' original Enlightened founders or Avatars such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, or Krishna.


No. We only offer digital downloads of our products. The majority of our customers are between the ages of 21 to 40 and tend to prefer instant, digital downloads over hardcopies, long wait times, and increased costs due to shipping & handling.


Integrous: A person with integrity. (From The Oxford English Dictionary [Second Edition], defined as "the adjectival form of 'integrity', meaning 'marked by integrity'.)

Nonintegrous:  A person who lacks integrity.

Essentially, an integrous person is one who intuits that life is an integrated whole, thus leading to a willingness or capacity to be honest, to be responsible and accountable, and to be aware of the intrinsic value of other sentient beings. Consciousness research reveals that approximately only 15% of mankind have the capacity or willingness to be integrous.


A level-of-consciousness denotes the energy-level of a person or a thing, as per the well-known Map of Consciousness (Hawkins, 1995). This map of human consciousness levels is a primary discernment, diagnostic, and healing modality used by Stephane & Greta, sometimes in conjunction with the Enneagram ego/personality system (see below).


The Enneagram is a well-known personality typology and is one of many therapeutic modalities used in Stephane & Greta's work with individuals, couples, or groups, often in conjunction with the (above-mentioned) Map of Consciousness.


Most of the slander is from previously active forum members who went on to become "back stabbers" and "whistle blowers" out of jealousy and spite rather than truth or integrity. The pseudo-innocent pose of "I'm just trying to warn people about a dangerous teacher because... CONT'D.

Slander/libel is always, without exception, nonintegrous (i.e., its intention is to injure), as are personal attacks, all of which are based on fallacious argumentum ad hominem, 'straw man’, paranoia, projection of blame, the narcissistic desire for attention and drama, the confusion of authority (i.e., competence) with authoritarianism (i.e., control), and more. Such negative behaviors indicate a significant maturational arrest (e.g., persons with an unresolved Oedipus Complex, narcissistic personality disorders, and even psychopathy are all conditions which are more common than most healthy, normal people would ordinarily presume).

A frequent distortion is the so-called 'Luciferic' inversion of truth and falsehood where good and evil become transposed, such that an integrous teacher can actually be mistaken for, or misrepresented as, a cult leader, and vice versa. To call ideaGasms a cult (even though it does not fit any of the criteria for being a cult) is also a display of infantilism. Most of the slander/libel is from previously-active forum members who went on to become 'back stabbers' and 'whistle blowers' out of jealousy and spite rather than truth or integrity. The pseudo-innocent pose of 'I'm just trying to warn people about a dangerous teacher because I care about my fellow human beings' is the common sheep clothing by which the wolf underneath expresses vengefulness and malice. The online 'criticisms' typically come from 'seduction'-oriented blog sites, forums, and their visitors, most of which are openly and even admittedly dedicated to negativity (e.g., seduction of young men for profit; manipulation of women for vanity; the celebration of sexual conquest and lust; narcissism, gossip, and even overt hatred, et al.). Thus, it's predictable that such persons would view ideaGasms as a threat to their agenda as the core message of ideaGasms stands in stark contrast to such values. Moreover, some of Stephane & Greta's writings and audio/ video materials are shared to help heal the minds of those who feel they've been negatively programmed by the 'seduction community'. The online slander of ideaGasms is therefore predictable and is paradoxically a compliment to its integrity, which has been pristine since its conception in 2005. It is worth noting that some of those who have purposely misrepresented ideaGasms have had a change of heart and apologized for their misconduct, with a few even returning as customers who tend to purchase everything in the store the very moment it is released. Thus, it could be said that deep down, everyone knows ideaGasms is solid, legit, sincere, and offers unique, pragmatic wisdom that is based not on theory or 'copycatting' but on real life experience. To state that one teacher sounds like or copies another is naive, as there is only one universal source of truth. True teachers tend to speak about similar things; what makes a true teacher unique is that they acknowledge the source of truth comes from divinity and not from the personal self.

When one commits wholeheartedly to the spiritual pathway of Enlightenment, the 91st Psalm promises, 'Ten thousand men will fall by your side'. As one gets closer to the goal, one's consciousness becomes a threat to the collective ego which has ruled this planet for millenia. The wolf in sheep's clothing reveals itself.


Stephane & Greta proclaim, rather than claim, their condition. A claimant is one who asserts something without providing sufficient evidence, whereas a proclamation represents an official announcement concerning a matter of profound significance which is also verifiable to a satisfactory degree. CONT'D.

When skepticism takes the form of rational intellectual caution, it is integrous inasmuch as the mind remains open to new information. Unfortunately, however, skepticism is all too often associated with close-mindedness, contempt for authority, disdain for religion and spirituality, secret envy, and paranoia.

Skepticism, doubt, and disbelief are negative (i.e., nonintegrous) approaches which stem from fear, as well as from the secret God complex of the narcissistic core of the ego which is actually on an endless siege to attempt to defeat spiritual truth, reality, and especially love in an effort to usurp the sovereignty of Divinity and thus maintain the illusion that one is separate 'self'. Notable is that both Stephane and Greta have made themselves open and available to exploratory scientific procedures (including brain scans, blood tests, et al.) for some time; the rest is now up to the world.

The mind of the skeptic is typically dominated by 'left-brain' animal instinctual drives, and thus lacks the necessary erudition to comprehend spiritual reality and truth. Thus, the skeptic is not far enough along the evolutionary path to be taken seriously, nor are any of the skeptics' arguments even plausible or given any credence. They all stem from the grandiosity of the core of the ego, which is actually unlimited. The ego is highly competitive with verifiable truth, and, when its core is worshipped, results in a state of invincible ignorance and denial which is stubbornly immune to any and all data, facts, or evidence that conflict with its own views and opinions.


Yes, but infrequently (see our Invisible Intelligence program). Although mankind would scarcely admit it, its openness to learning from a woman remains to be developed. While Stephane continues to teach, Greta tends to be more artistically inclined. She also edits Stephane's writings and recordings, manages his career, and assists in the day-to-day maintenance of ideaGasms.


Previously available materials which ideaGasms offered from approximately 2005 to 2008 have long since been removed from our online store, not because there is anything 'wrong' with them, but merely because Stephane & Greta's interests have changed, e.g., while the topic of sexuality can be of great interest at a certain stage in life (or at a certain age), at a different level such matters can be seen as boring or irrelevant. (All those interested in making women happy would likely find A Course in Womanizing to be quite stimulating.)

The Squirt DVDwas clearly a work of art (someone joked that it should reviewed by the Nobel prize committee), but unfortunately it's no longer available, however, those interested in making women happy should find A Course in Womanizing to be quite stimulating.


What science has always lacked is a model of advanced mental health. (A healthy mind is a silent one.) Thus, the opportunity to study, and 'map out', the brain and body physiology of not just one but actually two mystics is a rare opportunity not to be taken lightly as it can lead to the discovery of a whole plethora of new, previously undreamed-of cures. Just as it is now possible to reduce or even remove a person's consciousness (e.g., via anesthesia), it may someday become possible to accomplish the reverse — to induce states of Satori, Samadhi, Bliss, and so on, by isolating that which impedes the light of consciousness from shining more brightly.


Colors and artwork look best against a dark background.

In reality, black is closer to spirituality in that it represents the 'yin' (feminine) energy. Inasmuch as true spiritual practice primarily involves a 'yin' posture (i.e., to receive spiritual energy via supplicative humility is decidedly a very 'yin' practice), it makes perfect sense for a spiritual website to be black/yin.

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung has noted that few are willing to look at their 'shadow self' — that reservoir of character defects that all men possess. Thus, it's actually quite normal for a large percentage of the population to be 'made uncomfortable' by a site such as this, and by spirituality in general, for authentic spiritual work involves looking at one's 'shadow' (or darkness) with intense 'yang' courage, and then allowing the compassion of God to shine forth and heal one's inherent narcissism, judgmentalism, negative emotionalities, and thinkingness.