Stephane Hemon's condition, termed "Enlightenment", is experienced by his wife Greta as well; rarely, if ever, has a married couple reached the state of Enlightenment together. Thus, as ideaGasms' teachers, they are able to offer students absolutely pristine coaching on love, and in life.
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In today's world, most people can't tell you what the difference between religion and spirituality is, plus they naively presume that such matters have to do with "right vs. wrong."

Here at ideaGasms, we specialize in sharing how to be in the world, but not of it — that is, to use practical tools in order to solve problems so that you can enjoy a rich and

joyful existence in this world without being enslaved by it. Freedom from suffering is what true spirituality is all about. PowerLetters »


Dating is often associated with shyness, neediness, or deceitfulness, making the 'terrain' of dating extraordinarily difficult to navigate. Despite outward appearances, Love is actually meaningless to most people who merely resort to the image games and theatrics of pseudo-love. The social veneer that the world calls "game" is actually thinly-veiled complacency trying to pass itself off as "self-improvement."

Being prideful and sarcastic ("cocky and funny") hardly represents the peak of the evolution of mankind. Although narcissism is popular and often even celebrated, it's really just another word for infantilism, which deepens our sense of separation from others. The way to succeed with women and dating is deceptively simple in that it requires only true courage.

Playing games such as, "The one who loves least controls the relationship", or pretending, "I don't care what anyone thinks of me" eventually backfires. Although the world’s "PUA's" seem as though they have conquered their fear, pridefulness is a poor substitute for true courage and integrity. A Course In Womanizing »


Everyone is familiar with the emotion of fear, yet few are aware that fear can be transcended. To live in fear is quite different from living with it. One can either be its victim or its owner. As a person learns to live with fear, gradually they learn to live with less and less of it,

and soon discover they have a much greater tolerance for ambiguity than they ever could have imagined. An incredible inner safety then prevails no matter what’s going on in the world. Everyone has this (latent) capacity.

It simply needs to be developed, and it’s easily learned. Instead of adrenaline, one then lives in the reality of endorphins. Fear and Desire e-books »


As long as the principle of Spiritual Surrender is understood, absorbed, and then applied with precision, seekers of higher states of awareness or Enlightenment won’t ‘spin their wheels’

and will instead make profound ‘jumps’ in their level-of-consciousness… The Art of Spiritual Surrender arms students with clear, precise tools presented from a ‘yin-yang’ teaching style

which is comical, easy to hear, and gentle, yet paradoxically also strong, intense, and forthright. The Art of Spiritual Surrender »


Getting one's self to sit still and meditate is not something that motivates most people, most of whom are oddly unaware that there is a pure-consciousness Self within that awaits discovery. Meditation is not just something monks do with their eyes closed and their legs crossed… meditation is meant to be a way of life.

It’s really just a slight shift of orientation that results in a progressive expansion of context. This is a way to be in the world and to relate to life in a manner and style that leads to higher levels-of-consciousness, unconditional love and compassion, freedom from desire, and even the state of Enlightenment itself.

Rather than being “sooo difficult”, meditation is surprisingly easy, relaxed, and it can be practiced continuously no matter what’s going on. Testimony of the Presence e-book »


As someone who spent most of his life working on resolving the complexities involved in dating, relationships, psychology, and practical, “no BS” spirituality knows

how tough it can be to overcome shyness and navigate your way through the dating and relationship domain, which tends to be full of traps, hidden landmines, and pitfalls.

Having traversed much of the terrain himself, he can potentially help you to cut years off your own, unique learning curve. Mentoring »


Stephane Hemon spent many years researching every facet of dating, relationships, and spirituality while sharing his subjective discoveries along the way via hundreds of newsletters, thousands of forum posts, and more. His writings on relationship dynamics and spiritual truth were peer-reviewed by many students who

“hand picked” their favorite portions, which were then collected, sorted, edited, and later “spiced up” by the author and his wife, who then transformed all of this into something we call Daily Quotes and Ego Spanks. With accompanying photography as well as a bonus e-book titled The Ego is Contained Within Divinity,

this 90-day email subscription package was created so that you can receive a new article every single day for 90 days straight. The person who reads these will not be the same person after those 90 days have transpired! Daily Quotes »


Most of humanity (approximately 85%) does not have any integrity at all — a startling, almost-scary piece of information to look at, for obvious reasons. Although Christ, Buddha, and other Great Teachers have often warned about the wolf in sheep's clothing,

most decent, honorable, honest people have no idea that most of humanity is actually nonintegrous and therefore not capable of comprehending or appreciating the value of truth, life, and especially love.

Characterized by left-brain (animal) dominance and ego worship (malignant narcissism), such persons demonstrate a relatively invincible ignorance which is stubbornly immune to even basic 'common sense'. The Critical Factor »


Snippets or clips were extracted from a wide variety of conversations with various male and female callers from all over the world, resulting in a program simply titled "ideaGasms" as it is a

collection of re-contextualizations that, provided one is ready to hear them, results in a different way of seeing the world. Follow along on this audio journey and allow the energy of the mystic

to begin freeing you from the clutches of the ego; become one the few who are awake and aware in a world full of sleepers. # iG »